Graphic Design • Photography • Videography

I don’t think my passion for creating art will ever leave. You can constantly learn new skills making art an endless source of expression. The most important tool is imagination. With art I can share my perspective of the world as my passion continuously grows. Working behind the lens of a camera enables others to perceive the way I view the world, each piece of art, and project a narrative in their own.


President - Founder CCO

Nancy is the word energetic personified. An aura of excitement follows Nancy. She loves what she does and it shows. In addition to being a talented portrait artist and extraordinary creative thinker and designer, she has a knack for getting the impossible done. In college, Nancy majored in both theater and art. In those days, she could be found either dancing, singing and acting on stage or designing the posters for the show. Today, she continues to tap into both skills. Her theater background comes through whether she's leading a presentation before 100 people or 2. And as head of her own marketing and design firm, she exhibits her talents as an artist daily.


Co-Founder CFO

Calming. Techy. Innovative. Experienced.
A visionary. Uncanny business sense. Calming influence. Techy. These are some of the words used to describe Joe. He is a gifted artist in his own right, but not on canvas. Joe's strengths lie in other areas like keeping a pulse on what's new and hot in computer graphics. He's the one behind setting up Infinite Media's innovative telecommunications systems to reduce production cycles and enhance client communication. With Joe, there are no limits. He finds solutions when others see a no-win situation. Joe's 40+ years of experience managing printing companies has proven invaluable when it comes time to make creative designs work. See Joe at Work


Senior Creative Director

I want to live in a world where innovation and creative problem solving comes first, good typography is plentiful and extra dark chocolate and coffee magically appear when needed. Some may say I’m a dreamer but I like to think of myself as a creative. With over 10 years of design experience I utilize my love of problem solving and creativity to produce original and forward thinking designs. As a Senior Graphic Designer at Infinite Media I strive to achieve creative solutions to visually communicate the goals of our clients.


Senior Production Specialist

A machine. That’s how anyone who has ever worked with Cathy describes her. She quickly becomes proficient in any job she’s assigned. Give her a project and she knows it inside and out. Cathy brings terms like precision and accuracy to new levels. She enjoys the daily challenges of her job… like regularly meeting seemingly impossible deadlines.
Cathy’s efficient typing skills were discovered in high school. She was hand picked by her typing teacher when a printing company asked for one of her brightest students. And she’s been in the field ever since, acquiring over 35 years of experience. Cathy’s hobbies include keeping up with her 10 and 5 year old grandchildren.


Graphic Designer, Animation

Ever since I was a little kid I had a passion for art running through my veins. I spent most of my youth with a crayon, pencil or Lego in my hand. I would build Lego cities and draw for hours (to my parents pleasure, sometimes even on the walls). That exciting childhood passion has transformed into an exciting career. Now, I can confidently say that I'm an ambitious graphic designer who strives to create innovative and compelling pieces that evoke strong emotion. I am ecstatic to learn and grow as I pursue my career in graphic design with Infinite.